My name is Nkongolo. I have a diversed background in sports, having played basketball and run track & field from a young age and having started bouldering, climbing and trail running in my 20s. I have work experience as a personal coach, in sales (multiple running stores) and giving presentations. I am an ISSA certified fitness trainer based in Brussels.

When I was young, I had the dream to make it in professional sports, but I failed. Potential, motivation and hard work were not what I missed. I have learned during the past 10 years  that talent does not guarantee you success. It took me years to realize that smart work would have been the game changer. Hard work will never surpass smart work.

It took a great trainer named Kate and a month of work with her to see my athletic abilities change drastically. What seemed impossible before, now came effortlessly. I became faster and increased my vertical jump by 5 inches with no sweat. Previously, I had followed many programs, but none of them was able to provide the desired results. Kate’s great impact in my life influenced my work ethic and approach to training. I became driven by the research of smart and efficient work. It takes time, constant studies and experimentation with different trainings to improve.

I want to offer people the opportunity to find the smartest training to reach their goal, whether that goal is high performance, better running technique, or overall fitness and health.

Why Choose Us?

Many coaches simply train the body but they do not emphasize on teaching and knowledge sharing. The lack of a proper understanding of the purpose of different exercises will have an impact on improvement and performances. Vi-Zion's work philosophy is based on knowledge sharing: Our objective is to empower clients to train increasingly autonomously and to gain a better understanding of their body. At the same time, Vi-Zion encourages clients to set ambitious goals together and will be by your side each step of the way to reach these goals in a team effort.